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Beholden to Art

MooreLikeThis was founded by Caroline Moore in 2012 after the death of her Mother, Marianne Van Der Maas.

Caroline's work is abstract and colourful, reminiscent of coastlines or views from the sky as paint is poured and puddled and playfully mixes in the canvas. 

One of her earliest memories was going to an art class for adults during the summer holidays. Marianne was a full time artist and Caroline was tagging along books in tow to keep herself amused while Marianne worked, learnt and created. However Caroline loved watching the artists create their work.

Graduating in 2010, Marianne finished her BA in Fine Art, and had very bright acrylic paints in her arsenal of creativity. When Marianne died, Caroline received all her art and paints which were left over from this time.

Caroline started watching YouTube videos, searching for methods which used a lot of acrylic paint, since she had so much! She loves the freedom of fluid acrylic art - there is no right or wrong, only colour and movement. She has been creating ever since.

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