December 29, 2017

This commission was for 2 pieces which were 100cm x 120cm x 2cm in colours with a tropical sea theme. This is the largest sized work I have done so far, so my first step was to do a color test on a smaller canvas (in this case a CD which I had prepped for pouring) as below

Once these colours were approved by the client I set out to buy the ones I had used, but on a much larger scale! The ones I used were Pebeo's Paynes Grey, Irridescent Blue Green, and Ultramarie blue, Dayler and Rowneys Ultramarine Blue, and Windsor and Ne...

August 14, 2017

This commission was for a friend's wedding where she wanted 9 canvases poured together so they could be given to people in her wedding party as separate items, but that would be part of a bigger picture when put together again.

Each canvas is 20cm x 20cm x 1cm, and the technique used for this was a dirty pour to incorporate the bronzes, caramels, blues and raspberry tones, while not going too dark with the browns.

Below is the finished result:

April 1, 2017

This was my second commission piece. The technique used was puddle pour onto a 150cm x 100cm x 2 cm canvas. Pictured below is the piece drying (and taking up my whole table!)

March 2, 2017

My first commission of water is below. The canvas size was 40cm x 30cm x 1cm, and it was created using the puddle pour technique

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